Kulpreet उर्फ Jungly

Dropbox API, a SCRUM Taskboard, and Offline Application Framework?

Offline Apps and Sharing Data

What about having an offline application that saves your data using offline storage, but syncs to a server that allows the same ‘offline storage’ to be edited by two more users.

The idea is simple.

  1. Load an app from a service that stores and serves files - S3? Dropbox? Anything you fancy. That is where you get the ‘app’ from.

  2. The App is essentially a HTML/JS page that allows you to create and edit data.

  3. The app saves your data in local offline storage - which seems to have a limit of 5MB. So of course such offline apps will only work for apps that keep data consumption to less than 5MB.

  4. Finally on issuing a ‘sync’ command that offline storage is saved back on to a file server. It could be S3, Dropbox or a plain simple FTP server.

  5. Security will be an issue as credentials for ftp, or s3 will have to be saved in plain text in the application page.

Dropbox Apps to the rescue

I think the folks at Dropbox are really up to something.

While looking around what the current state of the art is on such an approach to building offline applications, I found that Dropbox team has been busily building away something that just works marvelously well. They call them apps Dropbox Apps.

Using the Dropbox Core API from their Javascript client library everything seems so simple and straight forward.

No offline storage

You even start to wonder if you need to use the offline storage at all. Just update the dropbox files and let the dropbox daemon sync them up with your team.


I do think it’ll be cool to use a lock file so that multiple user’s can’t edit the app at the same time. If we really need that then we need to start thinking merging and probably using Git JS libs to do the syncing. All to complicated for people who are simply interested in say a SCRUM Taskboard.

Having a start editing -> edit -> save semantics will enable us to check for lock file, and if two people do manage to get locks then the one with the earlier version wins. Dropbox core api lets us get the versions and timestamps for files.

Current State of the Art

A few people have tried and it seems quite an active area.

Unhosted have been working on providing just these kinds of ‘offline’ applications.

RemoteStorage lets anyone run a remote storage server which they provide client apis to talk to from JS applications.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on them.